Customer story

Integrating Data From Thousands of Systems Into Identity And Access Management

For most businesses, making sure the right people have access to the right systems is important. For a bank, it’s critical.

Managing over 6,000 systems

Identity and access management can be a data challenge, especially if a bank has thousands of employees. For an identity management system to manage permissions effectively, it needs to connect to many other different systems - over 6,000 in the case of one customer - and keep track of large volumes of constantly changing data.

Transforming data for Oracle Identity Manager

One banking customer was already working with Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), but to transform data into a format OIM could understand required a large development team and a cumbersome process of getting scripts into production. Using CloverDX to build a more automated, scalable system meant that the development team could instead build repeatable, configurable templates that could be passed on to the business team who could then handle the majority of the identity management work.

Quickly implementing a more transparent system

For another banking customer, the problem was almost the opposite. Their system for validating user permissions relied too much on one team member managing the script, leading to business risk and a lack of transparency. CloverDX helped the bank quickly implement what they required, avoiding months of deployment, set up time and training.

Whatever the size of the organization or the scale of the identity management job, the flexibility of a data integration solution to handle different data sources and processes can provide a much more intuitive, collaborative platform from which to monitor information security.

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