Slovenská sporiteľňa Customer story

Slovakia’s Largest Bank Automates User Access Management

Slovenská sporiteľňa, Slovakia's largest bank, uses CloverDX for complex identity and access management audit reports covering their 4,000 employees.

CloverDX was chosen by a small IT security team within Slovenská sporiteľňa to automate the security audits of users and their permissions across the bank’s systems. This reconciliation process involves regularly validating user access roles and permissions for over 100 of the bank's systems, and producing discrepancy reports for their compliance team.

The team needed visual clarity of the process, and a solution that was flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing employee information and reliable enough to provide an overarching 'safety net'. With CloverDX, they can ensure that rules and security measures are configured and adhered to across the bank’s IT systems, so that the team meet the necessary security requirements.

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CloverDX was chosen for its speed of deployment, ease-of-use, manageability and broad range of out-of-the-box connectors after their home grown, scripted solution proved to be hard to scale and provide the transparency they wanted. The new approach mitigates the risk of dependency on individual developers and allows them to quickly adapt to changes.

  • Slovenská sporiteľňa is, with 2.3 million clients, Slovakia’s largest commercial bank
  • Sought reliable solution for reconciliation of data from multiple Identity and Access Management systems
  • Keeping user privileges under control was challenging due to user access requirements constantly changing
  • Scripting was the initial solution but turned out to be hard to maintain
  • Solution built on CloverDX provides a vital monitoring and audit service that ensures the bank meets the highest standards of information security
  • Monitors user accounts and permissions for the bank’s 4,200 employees
  • Scarce developer resource was successfully diverted to value-add tasks after the switch
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