Customer story

Data Warehouse Supports Marketing Initiatives

When your satellite TV service has over 100,000 subscribers in 20 countries, getting accurate, timely marketing reports is a challenge.

Like many companies, this organization was trying to work with data that was neither consolidated, nor in a structure that was useful for users and it wasn’t accessible to everyone who needed it. Manually creating reports from this information was slow and frustrating, and wasn’t delivering the insights and forecasting that marketing needed.

As the number of subscribers and available TV packages increased, the marketing team needed better information and analyses to base their decisions on.

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Implementing a data warehouse

To create a new business intelligence platform where detailed analyses could be distributed automatically to employees through various channels, we implemented a classic three-layer data warehouse. Alongside this, we also built a reporting system where users can create detailed static or dynamic reports through a web-based interface and distribute them automatically.

The data processing workflows are all automated, with enterprise tools monitoring the process and sending automatic notifications to reduce system downtime.

A more proactive approach to marketing

With better, faster access to important subscriber information, the company can now take a more proactive approach to marketing. Being able to see consolidated data easily makes it possible for marketing teams across the business to explore the impact of new initiatives, product package and subscription plans, and more effectively target marketing activities.

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