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Modernizing A Marketing Data Pipeline With Allant Group

Allant Group's homegrown data tools have kept them ahead of the competition. But when the maintenance of those tools gets out of control, it's time to work smarter.

Marketing service provider Allant Group helps their clients create customized marketing solutions through advanced data analytics, integrating campaign management across channels and highlighting business insights through data visualization. In order to maximise marketing campaigns, they have created a suite of internal products that take in a constant stream of data from data providers and clients.

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Increasing data formats and faster turnarounds

With more and more data formats appearing, significant maintenance is required to manage the underlying infrastructure. At the same time, clients are demanding faster turnaround, higher quality, and more quality control steps.

"It's very nice to work with a vendor who can bring the people to the table and discuss what's coming up in the next version - 'here's some needs we have' - and we've seen you guys make adjustments in accordance with things that we've brought to your attention."

John FeldkampSenior VP, IT Services

For Allant Group, CloverDX was the key to being able to satisfy these demands and more easily maintain their systems. It enabled them to integrate all of their systems more effectively as well as allowing non-programmers to handle some of the work.

Freeing up programming resource

They have been able to move some of the data cleansing, massaging and loading out of the programmers’ domain, thereby freeing up programming resource for more specialized tasks, and they can now also view the whole data flow centrally with CloverDX's visual interface.

The resilience and scalability of the CloverDX allows Allant Group to more easily maintain their systems, giving them and their clients the benefits of a modern marketing data pipeline.

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