YPoint Analytics Customer story

A Scalable Solution for YPoint Analytics Clients' Data Needs

YPoint Analytics had little time to implement and learn new data integration software. They needed to keep their client’s time-sensitive projects on track.

They needed a solution that could process and integrate vast amounts of client data while still ensuring that YPoint could expand their own business.

Tools to scale

They decided on CloverDX in the hope we could satisfy all their requirements. YPoint’s clients, who were themselves expecting to grow rapidly, needed a data integration solution that could support them as they scaled, providing a tool that could be the heart of their organizations, smoothly piping data across their business.

YPoint were looking for a data integration platform that would make their lives easier as they designed and built data jobs for multiple clients who were using multiple systems and had differing requirements. Above all, they needed to get everything up and running quickly and smoothly.

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Fast onboarding

With CloverDX, they were able to minimize both the onboarding time - it took them just a day to get used to using it - and the time it took to build and manage data jobs. CloverDX’s interface meant they were able to visually see all their data jobs and monitor the progress of all data jobs. It also meant that developers could see any problems in the data flow or bottlenecks that could be made more efficient.

CloverDX also provided a solid foundation from which YPoint could serve more clients. Rather than building data jobs from scratch every time, CloverDX’s transparency allowed developers to build an initial set of data integration jobs and then quickly and easily modify or enhance them.

Not working with CloverDX, just working with data

Not only were YPoint able to deliver better analytics solutions for their clients, but CloverDX proved quick, scalable and easy to use. The ultimate praise came from the company, who told us that after just a couple of days they didn't really see themselves working with CloverDX, they were just working with the data. 

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