NDP Customer story

Data Helps Canada's NDP Know Potential Voters

300 databases. Tens of millions of records. Elections can be won or lost through the power of data. Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) now campaigns smarter, using CloverDX to extract maximum value from their data.

The party’s data challenges came mainly from trying to integrate many different data sources into one common database. They were working with more than 300 databases, 13 provincial membership lists and tens of millions of records of generic population data.

These data sources needed to be matched and merged, but NDP didn’t have enough manpower to do the work, and getting value from the large quantities of data was cost-prohibitive.  

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Matching, merging and deduplicating

NDP came to CloverDX to build a solution that would remove some of the manual effort needed to cleanse the data and then build the new centralized database in a clean, streamlined and reliable way. CloverDX can automatically handle matching, merging and deduplication of data from a huge range of sources, making the migration to the new database far easier.

More time for the 'nice to haves'

This automation has enabled NDP to focus their resources on using their data rather than spending time processing it. With CloverDX taking care of the ‘must haves’, NDP staff are able to spend time on the ‘nice to haves’, tailoring and targeting their campaigns in ways they weren't able to previously.

"It allows us to work on the nice-to-haves, while Clover does the need-to-haves.”

James Williamson, IT Coordinator, New Democratic Party of Canada
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