GoodData Customer story

CloverDX Powers GoodData's CloudConnect Platform

How GoodData, a cloud-based business intelligence platform, transformed the data loading experience for their customers using CloverDX.

Before GoodData introduced their CloudConnect tool and platform (built on CloverDX), developers were able to write code against REST APIs directly, but for anyone lacking the necessary skills, the process wasn’t really possible - meaning that GoodData were missing out on a huge new audience.

Build or buy?

GoodData had to decide whether to build or buy the data integration solution that CloudConnect would sit on top of. Realizing that building their own solution would take an enormous amount of time, they opted to get a headstart by using the foundation of CloverDX.

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"Access to data, and being able to get data into our platform, is obviously absolutely critical."

Cody CrnkovichVP Business Development

The company liked the familiarity of the Eclipse-based front end of CloverDX, the ability to have transformations readily available, and the extensibility of those transformations, making the whole platform flexible and user-friendly.

Opening up to new audiences

Now everyone who uses the CloudConnect platform can design data processes and do data modeling work visually and quickly, upload to the GoodData platform and run seamlessly. CloudConnect has made it easier for all GoodData customers to upload data, and has opened up GoodData to a large new audience.

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