MyPublisher Customer story

MyPublisher Informs Business With A Data Warehouse

MyPublisher, an online retailer of personalized photo books, used CloverDX to build a data warehouse to drive informed business decisions.

Before implementing a data warehouse, MyPublisher was finding it hard to get a unified view of their business. Being both an online retailer and a manufacturer, they needed to see data from across the organization in one place. At the time, they were working with ad-hoc reports that pointed at individual systems and couldn’t answer critical business questions.

Pulling data into one central place

MyPublisher needed a tool that would be intuitive to use, help them visualize data flows and enable them to include legacy and unclean data in their analysis. With CloverDX they were able to bring together data from  disparate sources across the business and pull both manufacturing and retail data into one central location.

CloverDX made the data warehouse project easy to set up and to operate on a daily basis.

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Visualizing data flows

MyPublisher’s Data Solutions Architect explained how the component-based, visual workflows in CloverDX helped him to visualize how to move data around without having to write custom code. The team were also able to design data transformations for cleaning the legacy data.

Within 6 months the data warehouse was fully operational and was being used for their daily business needs, enabling the team to get deeper and more rapid insights into customer activity without the need for constant, repetitive work.

MyPublisher was acquired by Shutterfly in 2013

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