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Webinars on Cloud

Migrating your data workloads to cloud

Watch our webinar and see how to smoothly transition data and data processes into cloud environment without getting locked-in and ensuring you're using the best tools.

Best practices for building cloud REST APIs for data

Watch this webinar to learn best practices on how to design a robust cloud architecture for providing data APIs and which services to use.

6 Steps to modernizing your data warehouse in the cloud

This webinar is a guide to considerations when moving to a cloud data warehouse and explores how to take advantage of modern infrastructure options.

Deploying ETL to the cloud

Watch this webinar to see what it takes to set up a production data pipeline starting from zero – which cloud components to use and why, with real-life examples.

Avoiding risk when moving legacy apps to the cloud

Join this webinar to find out how migrating legacy systems to cloud is a common way of modernizing old tools that companies need. We will discuss the approach, common issues and how to solve them.

Running CloverDX In The Cloud (AWS & Azure)

In this webinar we dive deeper into options you have available to run CloverDX in AWS or Azure cloud.

Moving 'Something Simple' To The Cloud - What It Really Takes

Cloud deployment often brings a host of benefits. But the cloud is not a magical, maintenance-free solution. Watch our webinar to find out what's really involved.


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