Become a CloverDX Systems Integrator Partner

If you deliver data projects for your clients, you know the challenges: legacy data, different formats, large data volumes, and having to start each new project from scratch, even though there’s a lot of overlap with previous jobs.

Becoming a CloverDX Systems Integrator Partner could help you deliver data projects faster, without increasing headcount, maximizing your revenue.

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CloverDX for systems integrators

Eliminate the waste of consultants’ time spent manipulating data.

The CloverDX Data Management Platform helps you deliver data migration, data ingestion and data integration projects on time and at lower cost.

Using repeatable frameworks and data pipeline automation you can remove manual effort, reduce costs and deliver results faster for your clients.

Becoming a CloverDX Partner

As a partner, you gain access to technology, training, best practices, support and preferred commercial terms that ensure you get most out of CloverDX in the shortest possible time.

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Eliminate manual and tedious Excel and coding tasks

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Save expensive consultant time

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Work with any data type, sources or targets (even the most complex)

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Automation, reusability and flexibility at its core

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Productivity of visual design, plus the power of a fully capable coding environment

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Improve data quality with automated validation and error handling

What do you get as a CloverDX Systems Integrator Partner?

Lower TCO leading to higher margins

A CloverDX partnership will expand your business opportunities by giving you a lower TCO and thus higher margins on delivery.

Tech enablement and support

As a CloverDX partner you’ll get:

  • Complimentary technical training for your team
  • Access to the online learning portal, CloverDX Academy
  • Partner access to product support
  • Access to shared solutions and components on the CloverDX marketplace
  • Collaboration on marketing materials and opportunities

Sales collaboration

Earn incentives for reselling CloverDX and pursuing opportunities with new and existing customers. Partners can also work with the CloverDX sales teams to jointly solve customer data challenges.

Financial benefits

Gain competitive program benefits for sourcing or assisting on CloverDX opportunities and earn additional discounts for reselling CloverDX products into new accounts.

Case Study: Migrating Workday data 3x faster

CloverDX has helped several consultancy firms import legacy data into Workday for dozens of clients. Without it, they had to build custom workflows from scratch for each client.

With CloverDX the process is now much more efficient, repeatable and automated. CloverDX automates data ingestion, validation, transformation and integrates with Workday’s API. Projects that used to take 6-9 months now take a month. Read more


Ask us about becoming a CloverDX partner


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