Supporting you through COVID-19 and beyond

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As COVID-19 means we all get used to a different way of working, at CloverDX we’re here to support you in making your data projects a success.
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If you’re facing challenges like these, we can help

  • Gaining access to data in different systems, especially now when teams are working from home
  • Consolidating data for rapid business insights to keep on top of shifting priorities
  • Struggling to meet project deadlines

Our teams are working remotely and are at full capacity, providing the same help and support you’d expect at any time.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

For new customers

Welcome on board!

We’ve always been proud of our customer onboarding experience – we do it all in-house (no handing you off to a call centre) and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals.

We can provide all of the following services remotely, in whatever way you need. Let us know what works best for you!

  • Advice on any data challenges you’re facing, and how CloverDX can help
  • Assistance with installation and configuration of CloverDX Server
  • A specially designed remote training course, spread out over 5 half-day sessions 
  • Best practice advice at the outset of your development to ensure you start out in the right way
  • Expert on Demand - access to a dedicated resource who can help while you build out your first project
"We very quickly built a different kind of relationship with the people from CloverDX than with other similar vendors."
E-Commerce Company

For existing customers

We’re here for you just as we always are.

Our support and consulting teams are fully operational. You can always get in touch with CloverDX Support at or feel free to reach out to your account manager with any questions.

To help you get on with projects and potentially deal with team changes, we’ve redesigned all our training courses so that you can get your team on board quickly (and do so remotely!)

So whether you want:

  • CloverDX Essentials training for new users, delivered remotely and spread out over 5 half-day sessions
  • Tailored workshops for you and your team to focus on specific topics
  • Expert consultations (our ‘Expert on Demand’ service) to help you move forward with a project, solve a particular challenging task or just refresh memories on best practices

You can access them all from wherever you are. Just contact us here and tell us what you need.

"CloverDX consultants could always jump in at a moment’s notice to develop more complex transformations or provide the business team with the right level of support to make sure jobs are built the right way.”

Leading Bank


For everyone

We understand that times like these create challenges, and we want to help you – not just with CloverDX but with any part of your data solution.

If you’re facing limited capacity or pressing deadlines that you’re struggling to hit, our team of experienced data consultants and engineers can offer technical advice or help to get you where you need to be. Just get in touch and tell us what you need.

We're here to support you, however you need
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