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Save time and budget on those pesky data migrations while increasing trust and transparency with CRM users
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Data Integration Software or Import/Export loader?

Data importers/exporters require data in perfect shape. Unfortunately, the chances are you don't have the luxury of that. The reality is often messy and requires work before you're ready to finally load the data into a new CRM.


Orchestrate Instead of Repeating Manual Work

During migration, you often perform repetitive tasks and steps that have to be carried out in a specific order: from moving files and loading them as attachments, through multi-step data load sequences (e.g. Accounts > Contacts > Custom objects), all the way to testing and clean-up.

Instead of carrying out actions manually, put them into orchestration job flows. A job flow allows you to design and then repeatedly execute a logical sequence of operations and eliminate potential risk of error, compared to planning and manually executing each step.

Data is the biggest asset of any company. Handling it correctly requires close collaboration and trust between stakeholders, users and implementors.

Load Related Objects In One Go

Retaining relationships between entities such as Contacts and Accounts requires a correct order of operations and remapping legacy IDs onto newly-inserted Salesforce Object IDs.

Chain dependent inserts into a single sequence of operations without unnecessary intermediate steps . The pass-through nature of CloverDX operations allows you to retrieve new Salesforce IDs from one step and use them to replace corresponding legacy IDs in the next one to properly maintain relationships when data is loaded in Salesforce. All in a single run.

Adopting CloverDX to carry out the data migration and transformation part of the project can greatly reduce errors, shorten turnaround times and save your time for other tasks.

Design, automate, operate and publish data at scale
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