Making Data Models Actionable


Existing organizational structures, processes and technologies can limit business growth, making simple tasks labour intensive and complex. Find out how some of our clients are using the power of innovation to overcome these challenges.

Paul Quinn, Director of Global Market Middle Office, from HSBC, gave an interesting talk on 'Making Data Models Actionable' at the Big Data World event in London. Having been our client for some time now, Paul spoke about their initiative to bridge data models with the production environment.

While various teams across the organization were contributing pieces of the audit requirements through models, code, and documentation, there was no single, consistent view of the organization’s data assets and associated data lineage. To address this challenge, the organization decided to implement a combined data modeling and data integration solution. 

The combined approach takes data models that empower one group of users and automatically translates them into ETL workflows in CloverDX. That eliminates potential for human error as well as rapidly speeds us the change process.

You can watch the video below and discover how HSBC are using innovation to drive through adopting process runtime models from data models, to overcome the data challenges they were facing.

Or watch it on YouTube: Making Data Models Actionable 


Find out more in our white paper, Making Data Models Actionable with Data Integration, which includes the full case study and an in-depth look at The Data Modeling Bridge:

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