Activate CloverDX Designer or Server

CloverDX Designer and Server need a license key in order to work

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I want to try CloverDX Designer

You can try CloverDX Designer for free, for 45 days, by filling in this Download Designer Trial form. After you fill out the form, we'll send you a license key in an email. (Be sure to check your spam/promotions folder!) If for some reason you can’t get your key, feel free to contact us at

I have not received my Designer Trial activation email

  • Try checking your spam folder—search for "Welcome to your CloverDX Designer trial!" from "".
  • If you evaluated or purchased CloverDX before, or someone else did from your organization (whom you might not even know!), you might not receive the trial automatically and we'll reach out to you shortly to resolve the matter.
  • If you're using certain freemail email addresses, like or, the trial license key email might not reach you—please use a business email instead. Don't worry, you can fully control what emails you receive from us.

If you're still having problems, you can call us directly at +1 (703) 259-8585, book a time to talk with us or simply shoot us an email at



I want to try CloverDX Server

You can also try out CloverDX Server for free, for 45 days by filling out our Request Server Trial form. We'll then get in touch with you to confirm some details and we'll issue you a Server license.


I am already a CloverDX customer and can't find my Designer or Server license key

Log into our CloverCARE Customer Portal and you will find all your licenses there. If you have trouble logging in, we’re always here to help at