30-min Webinar

Surviving a Data Migration


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Who should be involved when migrating data between enterprise applications? What does moving data actually involve? How should you navigate the delicate dynamic between IT and business folks?

On this webinar we'll discuss how automation and repeatable processes allows not only faster migration times, but also the added confidence in the migrated data.

Join the webinar and find out more about:

  • Discovering historical "bruises" in your data
  • Importance of repeatability of the migration process (No Excel please!)
  • How to leverage the migration project to improve collaboration between IT & business users (data owners) 

We'll add some examples of past projects and the highlight what made them successful. 

The live session will close with a Q&A session, where we can walk through your specific concerns and use cases.

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Pavel Najvar

Director of Marketing

“We’ve been doing data migrations for clients for many years, yet our migration to Salesforce was a unique opportunity for us to experience both sides of the coin. Surprisingly, what matters most happens outside of the realm of IT—it’s all about users making business decisions about their data, with IT playing an important supporting role.”