Working with APIs and semi-structured data made easier
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Working with APIs and semi-structured data made easier

Webinar On-demand

Working with semi-structured data like JSON is part of daily routine for almost every data engineer. With APIs and NoSQL databases growing in popularity, JSON has gained traction as one of the most common data exchange formats. 

In this webinar we’ll be looking at how the right tools can make your life easier when working with APIs, combining the sprawl of no-schema semi-structured data and flat data with ease. 

Join us on this webinar to learn more about: 

  • Your options for reading JSON and similar data formats 
  • Best practices when dealing with semi-structured data 
  • How CloverDX helps easily combine semi-structured and flat data 


Calvin Cortez

Solutions Engineering
Calvin works with customers to introduce CloverDX, prototype rapid solutions to meet different use cases, and solve specific client data problems.

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