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Why automation is better than Excel data manipulation

Pavel Svec, Senior Product Manager
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How automation considerably reduces cost and effort you're now wasting in Excel

Many organizations rely upon manual processes that could be automated. We believe it's a missed opportunity; we like to see businesses focus on adding value, not tirelessly laboring over data.

In this webinar we'll explore the difference between the 'manual' approach and 'technological' approach.

Join us and find out more about:

  • How manual data processes silently hurt your productivity
  • What automation means and how it relates to what you currently do in Excel
  • Examples of organizations successfully introducing automation to eliminate errors, speed up business processes to get ahead of competition and to greatly reduce costs
  • When is the right time to consider moving away from manual process
  • Adoption of new technologies without too much friction from your IT department
Pavel Svec has recently joined the Product Team after years of working with customers in the field on complex data projects. His tenure in product management reinforces CloverDX's focus on practical solutions to challenging data integrations tasks.

CloverDX has been working at the coalface of data challenges since 2007. We’ve worked with companies large and small around the world, in industries such as finance, healthcare and consulting, to help them build and manage better data pipelines and deliver better data outcomes.

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