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What's new in CloverDX 6.2

Brano Repcek, VP of Product
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Join us for this live session showcasing all that’s new in the latest version of CloverDX – CloverDX 6.2.

The main focus of this release is connectivity – it adds the ability to define custom data targets and mapping which will allow you to write your data from CloverDX Wrangler to any target system.


At the same time, we've improved the validation functionality in Wrangler to help you increase confidence in your data. 


We've also improved data transformation capabilities in CloverDX Wrangler and made it easier to work with OAuth2 when working with libraries.


CloverDX VP Product, Branislav Repcek, will walk through all the new features, including:


  • Ability to define data targets in CloverDX Data Catalog and Wrangler to allow you to connect and write your data to any system.
  • New mapping mode in Wrangler will help you transform incoming data into the required layout.
  • Integrate your Wrangler transformations into Designer-built processes ensuring that your domain experts/business users can effectively collaborate with your data engineering team.
  • New validation steps in CloverDX Wrangler will help you quickly validate your data and increase confidence in your results.
  • New Snowflake and Google BigQuery connectors in CloverDX Marketplace. Snowflake connector allows you to write to Snowflake from your Wrangler jobs while BigQuery is designed for high-performance writes from your graphs.
  • Other features, including:
    • Health check job for your libraries to allow you to monitor connectivity to your sources and targets
    • Support for CloverDX Server deployments on Java 17 for increased performance and security
    • Platform updates and security fixes
    • Usability improvements



Brano Repcek is VP of product wherein he heads up the product team, working to continuously improve and evolve CloverDX and its features, providing new product releases quarterly.
CloverDX works with companies large and small around the world, in industries such as technology, finance, healthcare and consulting, to help them build and manage better data pipelines and deliver better data outcomes with the CloverDX Data Integration Platform.

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