Ondemand - Turn Data Models Into ETL Jobs At a Click Of a Button
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Turn Data Models Into ETL Jobs At a Click Of a Button

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Discover how to make your data models directly usable in IT operations

Join us for our webinar and learn how you can generate actionable code from your data models, making them usable by IT operations teams.

We'll show you how this approach can:
  • Improve transparency of your data processes - ideal for making compliance simpler
  • Reduce duplication of effort and complex processes involving many teams
  • Accelerate time to production with drastically reduced development cycles

Learn how you can bridge the worlds of IT and business, and instantly generate executable objects from your models. We also look at some best practices for this model-first approach.


Brano Repcek

VP of Product
Brano is VP of product wherein he heads up the product team, working to continuously improve and evolve CloverDX and its features, providing new product releases quarterly.

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