Ondemand - Automating Complex Processes in CloverDX
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Starting Your Modern DataOps Journey

Webinar On-demand


Over the last decade, DevOps and later DataOps, emerged as two methodologies for increasing effectivity of development processes and data analytics. For maximum effectivity, these methodologies require whole teams or even whole organizations to participate. 

Join us on this webinar to learn more about: 

  • What is "Data Ops" and why should you consider it
  • How to begin your transition to a DevOps and DataOps-style of work 
  • How agile methodologies, version control, continuous integration or 'infrastructure as code' can improve the effectivity of your teams 
  • How you can use technology like CloverDX to start with DataOps 


Lucas Stone

Solutions Engineer
Lucas works with customers to introduce CloverDX, prototype rapid solutions to meet different use cases, and solve specific client data problems.

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