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Replacing scripting with modern data integration: Why the time is now

Cullen Patel, Solutions Engineer
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Building data solutions on top of scripting platforms is a very quick and easy way of getting something done. Often these solutions start as a simple ‘helper script’ someone wrote to automate a common task, which has then expanded over several years until it becomes critical to the organization.

Moving away from these solutions that organically grew over many years is always daunting since there’s typically no documentation and often the solution is built out of many pieces that no one really understands.

However, there comes a time when you face the decision of whether to keep duct-taping your solution together, or invest a bit more into a proper data integration platform that can make management of more complex solutions easier and faster.

Join us on this webinar to learn more about the benefits a data management solution can bring, and why taking the plunge now can really pay off.

  • The benefits and drawbacks of home-grown solutions compared to modern data management solutions
  • When scripting might be viable solution and when to look for an off-the-shelf solution
  • How working with a vendor such as CloverDX can help you build a new solution faster with less effort on your side
  • How a data management platform can help ensure data stability and a more organized data structure, making everything easier to manage
Cullen Patel works with customers to introduce CloverDX, prototype rapid solutions to meet different use cases, and solve specific client data problems.

CloverDX has been working at the coalface of data challenges since 2007. We’ve worked with companies large and small around the world, in industries such as finance, healthcare and consulting, to help them build and manage better data pipelines and deliver better data outcomes.

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