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Removing Danger From Data

Kevin Scott, Director of Sales Engineering
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Watch the webinar for a bird's eye view of the potential dangers data represents to organizations.

GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and many other regulations and policies force us to take data, its lifecycle and the ways we treat it more seriously than ever before.

In this webinar we'll take a look at the dangers data can present, and show you how you can still get value from your data, without putting your organization at risk.

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Kevin Scott's long running tenure with CloverDX includes numerous complex data consultancy projects and working with fresh customers and helping them succeed on their journey.

CloverDX has been working at the coalface of data challenges since 2007. We’ve worked with companies large and small around the world, in industries such as finance, healthcare and consulting, to help them build and manage better data pipelines and deliver better data outcomes.

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