Ondemand - How To Build a Modern Data Warehouse
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How To Build a Modern Data Warehouse

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Data warehouse is one of the most well-known concepts and technologies and almost every organization has at least one. Data Warehousing as a discipline evolved quite a bit since its inception and this evolution has picked up pace in the recent years with many modern technologies changing how organizations build, maintain, and use their data warehouses. 

Watch this webinar to learn more about: 

  • What a modern data warehouse architecture should look like
  • Solving the typical challenges that companies see when integrating wide ranges of data sources into their warehouse
  • New technologies that help companies build effective and scalable warehouses


Brano Repcek

VP of Product
Brano is VP of product wherein he heads up the product team, working to continuously improve and evolve CloverDX and its features, providing new product releases quarterly.

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