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How business systems analysts can make data more accessible

Brano Repcek, VP of Product
Pavel Najvar, Director of Marketing
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Making data accessible to more people - in a secure, manageable way - needs close collaboration between the technical and business sides of an organization.

Business systems analysts and managers are the key to bridging these two worlds.

Your job is to make things work. To support and improve business processes. And you’re probably the go-to person for other departments when they need to solve something data-related (“I need to get this report every morning” might sound familiar…)

But if you’re frustrated by:

  • Processes taking too much manual effort, and your team spending too much time on repetitive data tasks
  • Building complex processes that are hard to scale or to adapt to changes in data
  • Delays in getting accurate data to the people who need it
  • Grand promises of a whole new organization-wide data architecture that will solve all the problems, but you know will take months (ok, years), and you need something working now

Then watch this webinar where we discuss how you can close the gap between the technical team and the business teams getting their data, and how the CloverDX Data Integration platform can help you:

  • Integrate applications to solve problems
  • Build data pipelines quickly to make data usable and accessible to the people who need it (without them having to wait for IT to provide it every time)
  • Reduce the time spent on manual, repetitive work
  • Remove roadblocks to getting accurate data fast



Brano Repcek is VP of product wherein he heads up the product team, working to continuously improve and evolve CloverDX and its features, providing new product releases quarterly.
Pavel Najvar has worked with CloverDX for more than 12 years, engaging in various roles combining R&D, product development, solutions and marketing.
CloverDX works with companies large and small around the world, in industries such as technology, finance, healthcare and consulting, to help them build and manage better data pipelines and deliver better data outcomes with the CloverDX Data Integration Platform.

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