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Data architecture principles to accelerate your data strategy

Jan Slechta,
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What are the data architecture principles you should be applying to your project design to ensure a successful outcome?

In this session we’ll walk through some of the basic elements of data architecture and some of the common patterns we’ve seen in projects. And we’ll show you how you can make your projects easier to maintain and improve as your data needs evolve.

Some of the key principles we’ll cover include:

  • Data validation at the point of data entry – how to ensure your projects aren’t derailed by bad data
  • Consistency – how and why you should be documenting your architecture and development practices
  • Avoiding duplication – how you should be thinking about reusing code to improve project maintainability

You’ll also see how CloverDX can help you follow these principles to build reliable, scalable data projects.

Jan Slechta has been with CloverDX for over 9 years, mostly in a consulting role. He’s worked on everything from several long-term tough data projects to helping small startups solve their data challenges.

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