Ondemand - Code Management with Version Control in CloverDX
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Code Management with Version Control in CloverDX

Webinar On-demand


Version control is one of the core technologies that help teams cooperate and it’s especially important when working within the context of DataOps or DevOps. Using version control effectively, can help teams implement large projects without worrying about conflicting code versions or losing track of what has been implemented. 

Watch this webinar to learn more about: 

  • How version control helps teams start their journey towards DataOps and DevOps. 
  • How CloverDX Designer allows ETL developers to comfortably use any version control while building their data flows. 
  • How to use version control on CloverDX Server to deploy newer versions of your code. 
  • How CloverDX Designer connects to CloverDX Server and manages your projects on the Server as well as in your version control system. 


Calvin Cortez

Solutions Engineering
Calvin works with customers to introduce CloverDX, prototype rapid solutions to meet different use cases, and solve specific client data problems.

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