CloverDX 4 vs CloverDX 5
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CloverDX 4 vs CloverDX 5

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In the last few years CloverDX has evolved substantially – we even changed name from CloverETL to signify the shift from pure ETL towards “Data Experience”. 

Our CloverDX versions introduced over the past few years brought with them many great changes. However, we all know that upgrading enterprise software, that powers your critical infrastructure, is often postponed for as long as possible. This leads to legacy versions in production and even greater headaches when upgrading, since larger version differences often bring higher risks of breaking changes in the product. 

Join us on this webinar to learn more about changes over the last few years of CloverETL to CloverDX development and to learn more about benefits that the latest versions bring. 

Some of the latest major updates:

  • Operations Dashboard
  • Apache Kafka
  • Job queuing
  • CloverDX for AWS and Azure
  • Data App for business users
  • Deployment automation, Kubernetes, Docker
  • Data Services, publish data & transformations as APIs



Pavel Svec

Senior Product Manager
Pavel has recently joined the Product Team after years of working with customers in the field on complex data projects. His tenure in product management reinforces CloverDX's focus on practical solutions to challenging data integrations tasks.

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