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How to bring legacy systems into your modern tech stack

Calvin Cortez, Solutions Engineering
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As organizations evolve and mature, your technology stack evolves as well. Combined with fast development in data engineering – whether its data storage, new apps or data processing approaches – you can easily find that you have several old systems that no longer work well with your new tech stack.

You might be able to upgrade those systems or replace them with more modern equivalents. But that’s not always possible. Those systems may have been built in house and provide functionality that’s hard to replace with an off-the-shelf app.

But just because you’re stuck working with legacy apps, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring them and their data into your modern data processes.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • How get value from those old systems and bring your data into modern data pipelines
  • How automation can help
  • How tools like CloverDX can provide a bridge between legacy data formats and storage and modern, automated, near real-time processes
Calvin Cortez works with customers to introduce CloverDX, prototype rapid solutions to meet different use cases, and solve specific client data problems.

CloverDX has been working at the coalface of data challenges since 2007. We’ve worked with companies large and small around the world, in industries such as finance, healthcare and consulting, to help them build and manage better data pipelines and deliver better data outcomes.

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