30-Minute Webinar

Supporting DataOps with new "Operations Dashboard" in CloverDX


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DataOps is one of the methodologies that helps fast-moving companies ensure that they can extract value from their business data as soon as possible.

Join us on this webinar to see how CloverDX can help you with your DataOps challenges: 

  • How CloverDX helps during development - ensuring high quality and maintainability
  • How CloverDX helps during testing to deliver high-quality and clean data 
  • How CloverDX helps in production to make sure your data gets delivered where it needs to, on time and with as little hassle as possible 

By adopting DataOps, data teams can react quickly to changing business requirements and deliver the results to their users as soon as they can, while maintaining a high quality of the data. DataOps pushes teams towards more collaboration and heavy automation of their workflows. 




Kevin Scott

Director of Sales Engineering

Kevin Scott is CloverDX's Senior Consultant, where he works with customers on complex data consultancy projects, helping them to succeed on their journey and overcome data challenges.