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Moving "Something Simple" To The Cloud - What It Really Takes

Thinking of moving 'something simple' to the cloud?
In this webinar we'll discuss what it really involves.



We'll look at the decision-making process behind implementing a simple data workload and running it without traditional IT backing it (i.e., in the cloud). 

We'll examine the difference between deploying on-premise, the "VM way" and the fully-cloud way. Take a behind-the-scenes look at a real-life case, where a requirement from several business units triggered a hasty implementation at first, then raised some fundamental questions, and eventually lead to a cascade of decisions and an AWS cloud solution that works (but no one anticipated). 

You should watch this webinar if:

  • You think you won't need to worry about infrastructure any more with cloud
  • You don't have the IT team to support what you need
  • You're contemplating on-premise vs cloud deployment

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