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Modern Management of Data Pipelines Made Easier

From data discovery, classification and cataloging to governance, anonymization and better management of data over its lifetime.

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  • How to make data discovery and classification easier and faster at scale with smart algorithms
  • Best practices for standardization of data structures and semantics across organizations
  • What’s driving the paradigm shift from development to declaration of data pipelines
  • How to meet regulatory and audit requirements more easily with better transparency of data processes


You might think you know what’s in your data, but at enterprise scale, it’s almost impossible. Just because you have a column called ‘last name’, that’s not necessarily what it contains.

Automating data discovery by using data matching algorithms to identify and classify all your data – wherever it sits – can make the process vastly more efficient, as well as helping identify all the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) across your organization.

This webinar will show you how.

And you'll also see how you can translate data models into runnable code, so the process is no longer time-consuming, error-prone and requiring teams of people.

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