Live Webinar + Q&A

Deploying ETL into Cloud

Thursday, September 24th

The architecture and operation of a data pipeline in cloud is a very different exercise compared to setting up traditional on-prem ETL processes of the past. 

Let’s dive deeper into the architectural patterns (and antipatterns) of cloud when it comes to setting up data processes. We’ll look at the technical considerations and some caveats you might encounter when building in cloud.

This will be a technically oriented session, basic knowledge of cloud products (VMs, Redshift, S3…) will help you fully benefit from the session. 

Join and learn about:

  • What it takes to set up a production data pipeline starting from zero – the cloud components to use and why (using an example in AWS) 
  • We’ll show and explain an example architecture of a data pipeline in the cloud
  • Estimating costs and how to avoid overruns

CloverDX illustration database-137-1-1


Kevin Scott

Senior Consultant

Kevin Scott is CloverDX's Senior Consultant, where he works with customers on complex data consultancy projects, helping them to succeed on their journey and overcome data challenges.

Thursday, September 24th 11am EDT 4pm BST 5pm CEST