Give Data Owners Control Over Their Data Without Sacrificing Governance

Give Data Owners More Control

Data owners understand their data, and the more hands-on they can be with it, the more strategic advantages an organization has. 

Join us as we present a unique solution that empowers data owners without the danger of organization losing visibility and governance. (Hint - it enables you to use your data models directly in your data infrastructure).

Who benefits the most?

  • Banks, financial institutions or any regulated industries that need to closely control data on the organization level yet need to move faster than ever before
  • Business users who need quicker turnaround than is possible with traditional IT implementation

On this webinar you'll discover how to:

  • Reduce siloed working and potential poor quality data and bad decisions
  • Eliminate the need for data owners, IT and governance teams to use different data tools

Watch a case study presented by HSBC here



Jay Benedetti

Global Solutions Director

Jay Benedetti is CloverDX's Director, Technology Solutions, where he works with customers to identify, define, implement and deliver projects to solve data problems.

Recent projects Jay has managed include working with a leading consultancy to create a data warehouse, and managing the implementation of an enterprise-wide data governance framework for a large financial institution.

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