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Production vs. Milestone Releases

Which one should I pick?

We develop CloverDX in two parallel tracks to allow for continued product stability (production releases) and quick availability of new features for early adopters (milestones). With the production track, users can maintain their operations, while the milestone track helps users get a head start on new feature implementation and testing in their IT operations.

Not sure which one to select?

Production Release

Milestone Release

  • Designed for production environments where the stability is your main priority.
  • The latest features will not be available until the next major production version.
  • We release two major production versions a year. Bug fix releases occur on an as-needed basis.
  • Choose milestones to preview and test the latest features. No need to wait for a production release to begin implementation and testing of new features. 
  • Milestone introduce major features before these are scheduled to go into production releases.
  • Though we carefully QA all new features, milestone versions may not be fully bug free.
  • Features introduced in milestones might change with subsequent releases as we're improving them in time.
  • We usually publish one or two milestone releases before we introduce a single production release.