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How to Bridge Data Models and IT Operations for Simpler Compliance 

Business and IT teams don't always see eye to eye. And when it comes to compliance, it can be difficult to translate business logic into IT operations. 
But what if there were a way to bridge this divide?

How to bridge the gap between data models and IT operations ebook cover


In this guide, we'll explain how you can turn data models into actionable run-time processes and ensure the auditability of every single asset.

Struggling to meet stringent regulations such as Basel II or MiFID?

Automating the translation of these models can help you obtain a single, standardized version of the truth and provide a trusted link between documentation and production systems. 

Download now and find out:

  • How siloed data and fragmented institutional knowledge lead to hefty reconciliation costs and complicated dialogue with regulators.
  • The benefits of 1:1 conversion between your data models and IT operations
  • How our client used the CloverDX Data Bridge to build a clear and repeatable auditing process 
  • The importance of capturing everything in the initial modelling process 

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