Faster Data Onboarding Time to Value Guide

How faster data onboarding fuels customer acquisition and growth

How long does it take to onboard your customer data? Days? Weeks? Even months?

Whether they’re causing strained customer relationships due to extended timelines or internal backlogs due to developer resource demands, manual onboarding processes do no one any favors.

To overcome these challenges and start recognizing value faster for your customers and your business, you can automate your data onboarding processes – but to do so, you need to consider four key requirements:

  • Reading various data inputs in various states of preparation
  • Mapping data from those inputs into your target system and format
  • Validating data with automated quality checks
  • Writing the data at scale in a way that is both efficient and accurate

With the right tooling, you can automate all four, allowing you to take the effort away from your new customers, create a better quality data input and start the relationship off right, all while enabling less technical users to take on more of the process. 

And in our latest guide, we’re showing you how to build an automated data ingest pipeline that will tick all your boxes.

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What CloverDX really allowed us to do is go in and say ‘It doesn’t matter how you’re giving us this stuff, we’re just going to stitch it all together.'
Russ Ronchi, Milo Retail (formerly Formula 3 Group)