Data management challenges

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Misunderstandings between business and IT teams cause inaccuracies and delays. CloverDX bridges the gap between your thinkers and doers by establishing an adoptable universal language.

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Complexity problems

Unexpected data workloads can end up inflating your budget and decreasing your productivity. CloverDX helps you navigate these bumps in the road with as much ease as possible. 

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Peace of mind

CloverDX is completely automated to give you peace of mind. With continuous monitoring and workflows, your support teams will always have a complete bird's-eye view of your data pipelines.  

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Time to value

Quickly accelerate the value of your data projects. Our tool and supportive experts will get your organization up and running within a few months, no matter your size, goals or concerns. 

"I think for me Clover acted as an enabler - there were a lot of things I wanted to do from a process perspective, and I thought ‘we can automate this’... and Clover gave me the tool."


Solving your complexities 

Data discovery

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Our configurable tool, the CloverDX Harvester, can crawl 10,000s of databases, classify the data within them, and produce a cohesive ‘data map’ within a handful of months. This tool is key for identifying hidden structured and unstructured data. 

Metadata Management

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Working closely with data modelling tools, our product imports metadata from key metadata manager players, such as Collibra. Using your‘discovery’ data map, you can build out your metadata repository. 

Data mapping

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Our data modelling bridge gives your business users the autonomy and confidence needed to define their data mapping processes in a way that makes sense to them. Ultimately, this provides useful context to your IT teams and harmonizes your entire data efforts. 

Validation management

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Within your millions of records, there’s bound to be bad data floating around. The CloverDX platform contains strong out-of-the-box validation rules to help weed out your unusable data.

Automation and Manualization

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Automated processes make life simpler; that’s why CloverDX’s pipelines are fully automated. However, for “out of sequence” operations or ad hoc workloads, your team will need a hands-on approach. Our business interface allows you to manually account for unplanned tasks. 

Transparency and Reliability

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For regulatory purposes, your organization needs a tool that offers complete transparency. But CloverDX doesn't just piece together your data's journey. It's straightforward, intuitive design keeps your data practices consistent, repeatable and reliable, too. 

Operational intelligence

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Without the right intelligence or insight, your data will be in-actionable. On our centralized platform, your teams can monitor your workloads and build reports to create a broader picture of your efforts. 

Deployment and Scalability

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CloverDX can be deployed anywhere, whether you’re in the cloud, on-premise, or both. It's containerized, clustered solution enables you to speed up and scale your deployments. 

Data delivery


Distribute and deliver your data in a number of different ways, including: batch/files, message queries and mini service APIs. 

"That's really where Clover has kind of gone beyond what we initially had purchased it to be - which was just something to move data - into a tool that really helps us develop process."


Use cases

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Regulatory reporting

Manually-produced Excel spreadsheets are time consuming and, in the eyes of your regulators, unreliable at best. Your regulatory reports need to walk through your data’s story - the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’. CloverDX’s process gives you complete transparency and discovery into where your data is and how it travels through your pipelines, making compliance simple.
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Data privacy and compliance

Data privacy begins with a complete understanding of your data. This understanding is essential in today’s GDPR and regulation-driven world. CloverDX takes away the pain of your privacy and compliance journey by helping you: map all of your data, automate updates to your data maps, and find and anonymize sensitive fields of personally identifiable information


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Enterprise Business Intelligence

With changing future needs, your data warehouse needs to be flexible enough to adapt but simple enough to operate. CloverDX’s unique metadata-driven data warehouse loading framework allows you to quickly build your initial data structure. This framework can then be adapted - as your new data filters in - with some simple, intuitive configurations. 


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Cost optimization

CloverDX optimizes your costs in multiple ways. By jumping the unnecessary translation steps between your business and IT teams, as well as skipping disjointed manual tasks, you can cut down on your data management spending. How? Because our tool captures and standardizes everything you need in one platform, allowing you to save on skills and costs you simply don’t need. 


"The ability to create processes in a GUI while having access to full coding environments is beneficial for quick and simple projects as well as complex, large solutions.”


Ready to take charge?

At CloverDX, we believe you should be the one driving your data. If you’re not in control, you can’t extract the value your business needs. 
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